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Simply put, timing is everything.  The earlier children receive support for autism and other concerns, the better for lifelong outcomes.  The brain is growing most rapidly in the first few years of life-at the pace of over 1 million new connections a second!  Interventions during this critical time have the best chance at helping children reach their full potential for independence and quality of life.   

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Meet our Diagnosticians

Ashley Berry, PsyD

License: California/ PSY28987

Dr. Berry specializes in neurobehavioral evaluations for children and adolescents. She is passionate about early identification and interventions to support children and their families. As Director of Diagnostic Services, she brings her deep experience in child development, trauma, and assessment to providing the highest quality services for families.

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When you are concerned about your child’s development, you don’t want to wait for answers.  Receive an evaluation, full report, and personalized care plan, all conveniently scheduled in a matter of days. Our unique online process saves you time and assesses your child at home, where they feel most comfortable.  Expert guidance when you need it most cuts down the worrying and lets you focus on supporting yourself and your child.

Concierge Support to get your Child the Services they need

Navigating referrals, school services, insurance, and potential therapies can be complex and overwhelming.   Getting an accurate diagnosis is the key to accessing the help your child needs.  We will provide you a tailored care plan so you know how to best support your child's unique abilities, including getting the help they need from our vetted partners. We’re here for you every step of the way.

How Jigsaw Works

Our four-step process from the comfort of your home

Our Packages

Confirmatory package

Re-evaluate to clarify, confirm, and check your child’s progress


One time
Who is it for:
· Children up to 8 years old
· Has had a prior Autism Evaluation
· Can provide past reports and documents

Comprehensive package

Identify specific needs and diagnoses to access the most appropriate care. Gain clarity, understanding, and unparalleled support and guidance.


One time
Who is it for:
· Children up to 5 years, 11 months old
· No prior formal Autism Evaluations
· Concerns for behavior, communication, and/or social interactions

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