Our Autism Diagnostic Process

How It Works

How to get an autism diagnosis? Jigsaw Dx makes it easier than ever!

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Our 4-Step Process

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Step 1. Start with an Initial Free Consultation

Start with an initial free consultation. Speak with an expert about your concerns for your child. During the 15 minute phone call you will learn more about Jigsaw’s services and process and find out if a telemedicine evaluation is the best fit for your child. Diagnostic appointments can be scheduled during the call.

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Step 2. Intake

After your diagnostic appointment has been scheduled, you will receive a welcome email linking you to the online Intake packet. Completing the Intake takes approximately 1 hour and you can stop and take breaks at any time. Start by signing an informed consent and notice of privacy policies. Next complete medical, developmental, and behavioral questions. Finally, upload relevant records, reports, and videos. All information must be received 1 week prior to your scheduled diagnostic appointment.

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Step 3. In-depth Evaluation

Meet with one of our experienced clinical psychologists over a secure zoom telehealth appointment. During the evaluation the clinician will ask you questions and guide you through a brief play session with your child. The psychologist’s findings are shared with you at the conclusion of the appointment with time reserved to answer your questions. The written diagnostic report is sent within 1 week.

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Step 4. Diagnosis & Personalized Care Plan

Following the diagnostic report, you will receive a tailored care plan of specific recommendations for next steps including therapies, at-home techniques, and resources in your community. A consultation is offered to discuss questions and concerns, provide guidance, and further connect you with services.

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How Long Does an Autism Diagnosis Take?

Typical autism diagnostic processes may have you waiting 2 to 6 months at minimum to be seen for an evaluation. Jigsaw's online diagnostic process can be much faster and efficient than traditional methods as we allow you to be seen quickly. After your initial consultation call, schedule a diagnostic evaluation that takes up to 4 hours with one of our clinical psychologists.

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I would, hands down, recommend Jigsaw. They are so professional, communicative, great with follow-up and work around your schedule. I was getting frustrated because I brought up concerns to our pediatrician about my son’s development several times and finally took matters into my own hands.

I heard about Jigsaw from a therapy center and Jigsaw followed up with me quickly. They were so understanding and accommodating to my work schedule & my family’s schedule. Dr. B was great with my son during the evaluation. She shared her notes with us and she really noticed a lot over Zoom. I felt like she was there!

During the whole process I never felt rushed. It was so refreshing for doctors to take time to explain what certain terms were. Dr. Abrams was so attentive and made me feel heard. The feedback we got during the evaluation was helpful to understand my son better, and I got the report back really quickly.

Jigsaw gave me peace of mind. They have been such a big blessing for our familyI needed an evaluation to get services for my son but couldn’t even get on a waitlist for an assessment in the last year. Jigsaw responded to me within 24 hours and it was amazing to finally be heard and feel supported. Jigsaw had great communication, they were super fast and efficient. The turnaround time was insanely fast.

PriscillaMother of a 3 year old
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