Corporate Team

Jigsaw Diagnostics Leadership

Justin Ho

Justin Ho

Chief  Executive Officer
Justin is a seasoned business and product leader passionate about applying technology to improve access, efficiency and quality of care. He brings 20 years of experience including management consulting with Accenture and Slalom Consulting, as well as leadership across various health sector organizations including Cardinal Health, Maquet Cardiovascular, 23andMe, Cognoa, and Genentech. Justin holds a bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Duke University.
Kelley Abrams

Kelley Yost Abrams

Chief  Operating Officer
Kelley is an expert in the field of child development, with 20+ years of experience in parenting consultations as well is an accomplished product leader who has led the design and development of digital therapeutics for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. She has directed research and evaluation, served on various boards of directors, and advised on strategic partnerships across multiple for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Kelley earned her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley and her undergraduate degree at Colorado College.
Neerav Mehta

Neerav Mehta

Senior Technology Advisor
Neerav is an accomplished technologist and owner of a software development company helping various Silicon Valley clients including Salesforce, eBay, Aritable, Databricks, PayPal, and VMWare. Besides being integral in building out Jigsaw’s technology stack and marketing related systems, he is also passionate about the latest technologies including web3, blockchain, and AL/ML. Neerav holds a bachelors in EE from IIT Bombay and a MS in ECE from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Bernice Joo

Bernice is a specialist in the field of Autism, with 15 years of clinical experience in the evaluation of individuals with neurodevelopmental, learning, and behavioral challenges. She has been actively involved in the development and refinement of a proprietary diagnostic technology platform for a tele-assessment company, as well as creating protocols, procedures, and policies for evaluation and diagnostics. She also played a critical role in strategic expansion by building partnerships with schools in multiple states. Bernice obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and completed her internship and fellowship in the Leadership and Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities program at USC Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
Ashwin Bhuvanendran

Ashwin Bhuvanendran

Senior Market Access Advisor
Ashwin is a market access strategist having had 15+ years of life science commercialization experience spanning bio-pharma, medical devices, and digital health industries that included high-impact roles within Amgen, Allergan, Dexcom, and Medtronic. He advises Jigsaw on payer coverage and is passionate about the democratization of autism diagnosis for families. Ashwin holds a bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters in Management Science, both from Oklahoma State University.