Online Autism Diagnosis: Why Jigsaw

Get a comprehensive online Autism evaluation and path to services in as little as 2 weeks

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The Jigsaw Advantage

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Comprehensive Autism testing and evaluations conducted online by a licensed pediatric clinical psychologist with extensive experience in telemedicine autism evaluations.

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Tailored care plan and connections to therapy providers to help families navigate next steps to best suit their child's developmental and behavioral needs.



Our online Autism evaluations are done from the comfort and convenient setting of family’s own home – minimizing disruption to parents and child, and allows for more accurate observations of the child's natural behaviors.

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Unique, technology enabled, and efficient process reduces operating costs thus passing on savings to the families. We also work with your  insurance situation to minimize your out of pocket costs. Qualify for $0 out of pocket if you have a PPO plan and have met your deductible.



With the Autism waitlist seemingly getting longer and longer, skip the long wait – Jigsaw’s scalable and efficient process means the child can be seen and evaluated in as little as 2 weeks.

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From Jigsaw Parents

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I needed an evaluation to get services for my son but couldn’t even get on a waitlist for an assessment in the last year. Jigsaw responded to me within 24 hours and it was amazing to finally be heard and feel supported. Jigsaw had great communication, they were super fast and efficient. The turnaround time was insanely fast.

HEATHERMother of a 3.5 year old
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I found the online evaluation very appealing because of our son’s sensory issues. Being able to be in his own home where he feels safe & comfortable was the biggest draw for us. We’ve had a lot of positive telehealth experiences like Zoom speech therapy and we’ve witnessed even orthopedic-related injuries diagnosed over Zoom. We are confident that our son had a quality evaluation with Jigsaw.

DESIREEMother of 5 year old
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The evaluation exceeded my expectations - it was a really thorough evaluation with the questionnaires I filled out, the detailed interview she had with me, and the play time with my child she could see. I felt like with their process there were a lot of pieces to a puzzle they put together and nothing was missed.

TIFFANYMother of a 3.5 year old
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I felt very comfortable with them, they were easy to talk to, nice and kind. I feel like they really wanted to help me, not just working a job. They answered any questions I asked… and they helped to calm me. After talking to Dr. Kelley I felt much better and I feel less worried than before.

KENFather of 21 month old
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Jigsaw has opened the doors for me so I can start running, knowing which way to move to get my son the right therapy, and has given him a new start. Without the evaluation, I was limited on my next move in my chess game. The sooner I can get him help, the better support he can receive to have more opportunities.

LINHMother of a 4 year old
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