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Early Diagnosis & Intervention is Critical to Child Outcomes

The earlier children receive support for autism and other concerns, the better for lifelong outcomes. The brain is growing most rapidly in the first few years of life-at the pace of over 1 million new connections a second. Interventions during this critical time have the best chance at helping children reach their full potential for independence and quality of life. Earlier diagnosis of autism allows for greater gains in IQ, social, and adaptive skills.

The Benefits of Telehealth Autism Evaluations

Assessments from the family’s home are convenient, less stressful, and allow for a more accurate and fuller picture of the child. We leverage operational and technology efficiencies allowing for families to be evaluated within weeks rather than months. 
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Your Pediatric Patients with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Jigsaw partners with pediatric practices to provide supportive and inclusive care for patients.  Once a referral is received, families can be scheduled as soon as possible for an evaluation. Our post-diagnostic Care Plan then directs patients back to you with specific recommendations for next steps.

Meet the Team

Photo of Ashley Berry, PsyD

Ashley Berry, PsyD

Dr. Berry specializes in neurobehavioral evaluations for children and adolescents.

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Photo of Kelley Yost Abrams, PhD

Kelley Yost Abrams, PhD

Dr. Abrams is an expert in developmental psychology, parenting, and early childhood research.

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