It's important to recognize how many African Americans are affected by autism, and to be aware of health disparities surrounding screening, diagnosis and care for ASD. Historically, a bevy of research has shown that black children are likely to be diagnosed with autism at later ages than white children, making them less likely to benefit from autism-specific interventions during the critical window of early childhood.

Consider a recent study.

A 2023 research survey of 400 black and biracial parents of young children with autism on their retrospective diagnostic experiences illuminated numerous issues, including: 

• Over a fifth recounted instances of racism and bias, such as cases where a child’s conduct was inaccurately ascribed to their race or the evaluations did not have culturally relevant activities or toys.

• Parents urgently need timely answers, with 42% of parents wanting health professionals to have listened to their concerns sooner, and 51% wanting expedited evaluations.

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Source: Weitlauf A.S. et al. J. Autism Dev. Disord. Epub ahead of print (2023) PubMed

What is Jigsaw Dx doing to help?

At Jigsaw DX we’re on a mission to make early screenings and diagnosis of autism more accessible for every child.

• Our online screener is free of charge, and can be used for children as young as 16 months.

• Our telehealth process enables parents to have their children evaluated from the convenience of home, without waitlists or waiting rooms.

• Our diagnosticians are expert clinical psychologists who have experience working with families of different races, ethnicities, and languages.